For All 2003 or newer AWD Chevy Express or GMC Savanna Vans 

Front skid plate: $300

Belly pan skid plate- $600

Rear handling kit - $850 –Note: This kit is for vans with 0 – 2" lift. Includes rear sway bar, end links, and shocks.

Custom rear sway bar only available for the 6" lift kit - $650

Optional custom front cv driveshaft conversion kit is available - $650

Rear Spring Upgrades:
4 Leaf Spring Pack - $450 ea
5 Leaf spring pack - $535 ea
Custom spring packs start at $2000 (for the pair)

Chevy / GMC AWD Lift kits

These kits are desined for 2003 and newer Chevy & GMC All Wheel Drive 1500 Vans.

2" AWD Lift kit 6" AWD Lift Kits
2" AWD Lift Kit

This 2" kit, is a torsion key kit that comes with new torsion keys, shock extenders for the front, rear lift blocks and u-bolts.
This kit runs $350 

Typically you can go up one tire size, it just depends on which tires you choose to use. 
With this kit there may be some trimming needed on the front bumper and fender.
Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions at all!
6" AWD Chevy / GMC Lift Kit

This 6" suspension system is a complete kit. No welding required. This is almost a completely bolt in kit. Depending on the tire size the front bumper and fenders may need to be trimmed for clearance.
We recommend a 33" tire, although a 35" may fit with some trimming.

Kit features:
Front & Rear Crossmember’s
Front crossmember truss bars & brackets
Front heavy duty tubular impact strut & brackets
Polyurethane bushing kit
CV Axle spacers
Differential drop brackets
Front & rear custom bumpstops & brackets
Torsion bar crossmember drop brackets
Tie rod ends
Sway bar mounting kit
Front differential skid plate, brackets, and mounts
Bilstein 5125 Offroad front and rear shocks with custom mounts
4" rear lift block kit with u –bolts
Black powdercoat finish.
All hardware and illustrated instructions are provided.
This kit runs $4815 

Optional custom front cv driveshaft  - $650

Belly pan skid plate - (offers protection for the engine, transmission, and transfercase) - $600

For more details or questions please feel free to contact us.

Chevy Express all wheel drive 6" lift kit
chevy express awd lift kit
6" Chevy express AWD lift kit
Chevy Express all wheel drive lift kit
6" Chevy Awd lift kit
Chevy Express skid plate